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Club programs

None of our programs are age restricted. The classes are divided based on the interests of individual fencers, and what they want to get out of the club. If you have any questions, please see our contact page.



Beginner fencers (5 week) 



  • Introduce the sport of fencing with training in both sabre and foil

  • learn the basic fundamentals of fencing

  • learn the rules of fencing

  • Foster an interest and love for the sport

  • Have fun


Beginner fencers will receive:

  • a one-on-one session with a club coach to introduce the fundamentals of fencing.

  • Group training for a total of 5 sessions (1.5 hour sessions).

  • Recreational dry (non-competitive) equipment.

Any/all new fencers must complete a 5 week intro course. They are then eligible to enroll in our regular season programming.


Regular members



  • Creating a learning and fun environment for recreational fencers

  • Improve upon the fundamentals of the sport

  • Fun, learning, fitness and personal improvement are key


Regular members receive:

  • 2 one-on-one sessions with a club coach to introduce the fundamentals of fencing.

  • Group training from September until end of May, once a week (1.5 hour sessions)

  • Competitive equipment for competition




Advanced program

Objectives :

  • Preparing fencers who wish to apply to, or belong to, the provincial team

  • Reworking and perfecting the fundamentals of fencing

  • Maintaining a higher level of training intensity for athletes who are willing to compete

  • Providing a nurturing, positive, and competitive fencing environment

  • Providing a program to challenge high level fencers


Advanced program athletes receive:

  • 5 private lessons with a personal coach

  • An additional 1.5 hour session (Thursdays, total of 3 hrs) which will include:

    • Training and bouting with the provincial team

    • Periodic Strength training and conditioning

    • Electric fencing

    • Fencing with past high performance athletes regularly

Advanced athletes are invited to participate in the regular member programming as well as their specific advanced program if they want to increase the volume of training they do on a weekly basis. 

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