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Our club has been open since 1996. We teach both sabre and foil. We have five coaches, Bethany, Zach, Xavier and Zico who specialize in sabre, and Anna, a foil specialist. All of our coaches have been high performance athletes and our club brings international fencing experience to Winnipeg. Classes are bilingual and instruction is given in both English and French. Our practice nights are Monday and Thursday. Monday trainings are from 4:30pm to 6:00pm for general members, with an additional 6:00pm to 7:30pm slot for advanced classes on Mondays.

Our coaches are accompanied by assistant coaches daily. They are provincial team fencers who are enrolled in, or have completed the level one coaching certification sanctioned by the Manitoba Fencing association.

Zacharie Allard

Having started fencing at the age of 8 at the Rapier fencing club, Zach’s career as a competitive fencer has taken him all over North America and parts of Europe. Having taken a break from fencing to complete a university degree, Zach is now the head of the Rapier fencing club. With lots of experience fencing at the highest national level, and just as much experience at home here with Rapier, he is excited to be bringing his knowledge to young fencers, both on the recreational, and competitive sides of fencing. Furthermore, as the newly appointed assistant provincial coach, Zach draws on his years of experience with Ayach Bounanachada (Maitre d’armes, provincial head coach) both as a fencer, and now colleague to bring a comprehensive, challenging, but most of all fun dynamic to our growing club!


Zach Allard

Sabre Coach


beth selfie  (2).jpg
Bethany Barclay-Goddard

Bethany joined RFC at the age of 12 and has been with us ever since! Beth is RFCs most important alum and continues to give back, working particularly well with our beginner and younger fencers. That being said, Beth herself did compete on the National stage, being a member of the Provincial Team for many years. She is the cornerstone of our 10 week program and is responsible for instilling the love of fencing in hundreds of young athletes! Always open-minded and eager to learn herself, Beth also works with us on Thursdays when her schedule permits, sharpenning her coaching skills with the likes of Anna and Zach.


Beth is also the RFCs club representative and is the person responsible for making RFCs voice heard at the provincial level. We would not be able to function without her, and her passion for the sport keeps our classes engaging, uplifting and, from time to time, challenging for our young athletes! 

Beth and Anna are our Monday evening duo and we are very lucky to have a rockstar team! 

Anna Muzaleva

Anna started fencing foil in 2010 back in Kursk, Russia. She trained at the Olympic Reserve Fencing School that had produced multiple World and Olympic champions. Anna came to Winnipeg in 2016, and resumed her fencing career. She joined the provincial team and competed nationally until the day came where she decided to focus her time on her post
secondary studies.


Anna finished her competitive career in 2018 but did not say goodbye to fencing. She decided to focus her attention on coaching, and joined Rapier, heading the foil program. Currently Anna works with a variety of age groups and is equally at home teaching newcomers how to hold a foil as she is helping her athletes compete at competition. 

We are happy to be able to offer a foil program and that is in large part due to Anna's coaching ability!

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